About Sofacompany

Sofacompany is the result of our founders, Danish Cathrine and Christian Rudolph's dream to challenge the existing furniture industry. They wanted to do this by creating beautiful furniture of high quality, the honest low prices all year round.

This is possible with a simple and unique business concept with sales exclusively online. We handle all stages of the process and cut away all middlemen. Our furniture are supplied direct from our factory in Vietnam.

At Sofacompany everybody should be able to afford great furniture design, of high quality materials. Everybody should experience the great value for money.

We believe that our concept is groundbreaking, in a large and otherwise conservative furniture industry. We anticipate that production and retail will fuse together in the future and that the distance between the producer/factory and the customer will be much shorter. This will result in a responsive furniture industry - much like today's fashion industry.

We have allowed us to anticipate the future for your benefit - both in terms of design but also in terms of price.

Welcome into our universe!

Christian & Cathrine Rudolph

Our Values


....because everyone in the company is proud of and stands by the products we create and deliver to customers, our spirit and business model is honest and open and we think this is authentic.

Passion for design

....because furniture shouldn’t just be functional- it should also be original and shaped with optimum aesthetics in mind, and with attention to the tiniest detail.

The need to challenge

....because we strive to challenge the conventional furniture industry. Everyone should be able to afford high quality, good furniture design, and with us everyone should feel they get plenty of design for their money.