Quality and warranty


All the furniture in our collection is of the highest quality and are made of some of the best components from around the world. This means that in a Danish design may include material from both Norwegian and Danish suppliers, wood from New Zealand, and furniture foam from South Korea. The whole thing is assembled by hand by our skilled Vietnamese upholsterers who undergo a long training period before they become a part of our production team.

To ensure that all products meet our stringent quality requirements will each product checked several times during production. Finally, we make a final check of all subjects, and they get a unique ID number, so we can always trace it back to production.


Uniquely outer bed company 30 months warranty on all products for use in private homes. The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, sentence in upholstery materials, such as. foam, feathers and springs, conditions resulting from failure or improper maintenance, installation and installation that does not correspond with the instructions, spillovers from other objects and clothing as well as stains from food, liquids and the like. We also offer lifetime warranty on the frame.